Brand Traction Marketing and Advertising Effectiveness Review Published

marketing and advertising effectiveness

16 Nov Brand Traction Marketing and Advertising Effectiveness Review Published

When Great Minds Think Alike. Marketing and Advertising Effectiveness White Paper Now Available.


Following last week’s post about marketing and advertising effectiveness, the full text of the work we have been doing reviewing all the latest studies into marketing effectiveness is now available as a white paper. Anyone who’d like a full copy of the report, please email with the subject “I want it all”. I promise not to sell your digital soul, or spam you daily.

I will also attempt to gradually publish each section onto this blog over the coming weeks and months, for those of you looking for a more easily digested experience.

My indebted thanks to those great minds, upon whose excellent work this paper is based, some of whose attractive faces you will see above. I crouch humbly on their giant shoulders. If any of them are reading, please attempt to see my overt plagiarism, as further dissemination of your ideas, not a blatant attempt to attach your cachet to mine. If you think about it, I am building your mental availability, as well as my own. No, really I am. That said, any errors, misrepresentations and misunderstandings are all my own. Complaints and corrections can also be handled via the email above.

Marketing and Advertising Effectiveness

I would love to hear your views, questions and challenges after you’ve read the paper. There’s much still to learn, and much of that learning will come in the debate and discussion with practitioners like yourselves. No question that in my quest to précis, I will have dumbed down, and occasionally befuddled, some brilliant original thinking. Feel free to educate me. I am genuinely a learning animal. It would be too ironic for me not to be.

Long Term Penetration Growth, Brand Building and Mental Availability 

Clearly this is a blatant marketing exercise for my services. I am building mental availability with the biggest mass of potential clients I can reach. If you, or anyone you work with, would benefit from rich, experientially-driven and immersive training, in the fundamentals and practice of all aspects of marketing, or if you just need a hand, working through some of the knotty problems facing all marketers today, please give me a call or click here to contact me. I help people, brands and businesses grow. That’s what I do.

Increasing Reach, Triggers and Short Term Sales Activation

It’s ok, if after you receive it, you share the paper with others you feel may be interested. Frankly, I need the reach.

Cialdini’s principle of reciprocation would suggest that it might be nice if you also recommended me when you do so. I need the sales activation, as well as the brand building. So, thank you in advance.

Please remember I am a struggling marketer like you (that’s “liking” right there).

Also that the first to call, will have first dibs on my limited availability (scarcity in action).

So far 85% of clients have said they’d be happy to recommend me, and satisfaction scores with our training programmes are greater than 90%. (social proof). I’ll stop there before this becomes deeply irritating.

Consistent, Repeated, Delivery of a Clear and Branded Message

There is of course also a keynote on marketing and advertising effectiveness that goes with the paper, because of course there is. I am available for conferences, meetings, birthdays and bat mitzvahs. I am much cheaper than getting the 20 or so authors of the original texts to come and speak. I cannot offer fame, sadly, but I can promise it will be emotional, consistent, easy to understand, and very well branded.

Cheers, and thanks again.


P.S. You’ll understand the odd subtitles, the oblique references and poor in jokes, when you’ve read the marketing and advertising effectiveness document, if you don’t already. Apologies, I’ve been writing this paper for far too long.

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