We help build marketing capability We help create mobilising category and portfolio strategies, build consumer driven brand strategies, and embed end to end marketing capability in your organisation.


Grow 30% faster than your competitors Businesses that invest effectively in marketing capability grow 30% faster than their competitors. Are you investing enough in building your marketing capability?


Marketing capability is critical to growth 56% of businesses say they don’t have the marketing capabilities required to grow. Do you have the capabilities needed to succeed in today’s new world of marketing?


We make change happen Only 30% of capability efforts succeed. Do you want your business to be part the 30% who successfully grows their strategic marketing capability?


Brand Traction is different type of marketing consultancy. We do more than create smart marketing strategy solutions. Our unique focus is our approach to creating and embedding solutions in a way that not only solves the immediate business problem, but also builds your team and individuals capability for the longer term so that they become better marketers and business people.

With over 25 years global experience in managing brands and marketers, Brand Traction helps businesses build the skills they need to grow their business, brands and people.


what we do


We help create mobilising category and

portfolio strategies


We help build consumer

driven brand strategies


We help build and embed end to end

marketing capability

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why we exist

Marketing is facing a crisis of capability: the consumer is becoming more savvy and less receptive to marketing messages. Old methods and mediums are becoming obsolete. Yet the capabilities available to the modern marketer have rarely expanded to meet these challenges.

The potential is real – businesses that invest in marketing capability grow 30% faster than their competitors. But making a genuine impact is difficult as 70% of all change efforts do not succeed.

At Brand Traction, we ensure your business is part of the 30% who succeed in building their marketing capability and growing their business, brands and people.

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who we are

Jon Bradshaw established Brand Traction in 2012. He is a highly experienced brand and business builder with over 25 years of marketing, sales advertising and organisational development experience gained with global blue chip organisations.

He has undertaken significant projects across many business sectors, including; major portfolio strategy construction, complex category strategy development, brand strategy and positioning.

He has built and delivered marketing training and capability programs around the world.

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how we work

70% of attempts to improve organizational capability fail.  To ensure
your business is part of the 30% who succeed, we use the proven
70 – 20 – 10 approach, to ensure new capabilities stick.

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happy clients

A few of our past and current clients and brands.

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