Who the hell are Brand Traction?

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18 Jul Who the hell are Brand Traction?

Brand Traction Marketing Consultancy – Welcome to our new website.

It’s been a while in the gestation. I hope you like it. Over the last four years Brand Traction, a new type of marketing consultancy has been growing from a small start up business, into a flourishing newcomer in the crowded brand and marketing consultancy scene.

So why should you pick Brand Traction over all those other marketing consultancy guys out there? If you’ve read through the site then you shouldn’t need me to repeat that. But in case you scanned the homepage and then came here looking for me to say something witty then; a. sorry about the lack of wit thing and b. OK. Here’s why.

Brand Traction are a marketing capability consultancy, driven by the desire to help clients develop a more rigourous approach to marketing in order to meet the needs of today’s challenging business landscape. We can help you with;

  • category and portfolio strategy
  • brand strategy and planning
  • marketing training & development


Our approach is grounded in practical use of marketing science, behavioural economics, design thinking and learning theory to ensure our work delivers on our promise of helping you grow your people, brands and business.

So much for the pre-prepared spiel. What’s that actually amount to?


THE HYGIENE STUFF: What makes a good marketing consultancy? 


There’s some stuff you just gotta have when you’re paying for a senior marketing consultant to help you grow. Here are the three things I think should be essential to any marketing consultancy you employ.

Expertise and Experience.


Prof. Mark Ritson wrote a short piece the other day about experts needing to have some form of proof of expertise if they are to proclaim their expert-hood.


Sadly the trolls didn’t like it when someone with credentials suggested that 90% of digital marketing experts might know digital but couldn’t market their way out of paper bag. I agree with Mark. I often do. Experts should be able to prove it. A quick glance through our “Who we are” page, hopefully allays those fears. 25 years of experience successfully managing brands and business in big global blue chip businesses is our claim and we can back it up, academically, professionally and with the battle scars of experience. Chances are if your wrestling with a tough marketing issue, we’ve been there got the T shirt and probably made the same stuff ups you’re about to make. Let us help you not.

Proprietary Knowledge, Tools and Process.


It’s all very well being a grey haired, proud owner of the marketing director T-shirt, but that can’t be all your consultant has to offer. Darren Woolley offers an interesting taxonomy of marketing consultants; grey hairs, process experts and rocket scientists.


Whilst I can’t physically escape the grey hair tag, as you’ll see from the profile picture, I have spent the last four years (and the twenty before that) building up a huge stable of proprietary tools, processes and approaches to tackling thorny business and marketing problems. In the tool kit is everything from the best end to end strategic thinking toolkit you can imagine, through a raft of brand strategy and positioning approaches, to detailed brief writing and advertising development tools that make the marketing better and the work, work harder. All proven in the field. All unique to our offer.

As we work with you on your issues, these tools and approaches get left behind for you to use again and again.

I don’t know if anything in marketing can truly live up to the rocket science tag, but my mission has always been to drive up the amount of science, analysis and insight in the marketing function. At Brand Traction this means keeping abreast of – and making practical – the very latest thinking in behavioural science, psychology, marketing science and economics. None of those have the word rocket in them for sure, but they are, without question, science, bitches. Of course creativity is also a part of marketing. And we can help you with that tricky slippery customer too. But sadly its science, not creativity, that seems missing in today’s marketing landscape.

 Meaningful working relationships.


All of the experience and proprietary stuff is meaningless if you can’t get on with the consultant you choose. It ain’t just what you do, it most certainly is also the way that you do it. That’s why the values of this business have had as much thought behind them as some of those tools and processes I was just talking about. Have a look on the “How we work”, page and then a browse through what people say about “Our work”. Clients tend to stick around, recommend us to others and give us more things to do. I like to believe that’s because of good people working in good ways, as well as good work.

Hopefully the tone of this blog also gives you an indication that working with Brand Traction isn’t a dry, dull, be-suited and routine experience. We love what we do and we want you to love it too. We don’t do suits. We don’t do workshops that don’t involve laughter of some sort. We use process as a short cut, not a handcuff. We love a good marketing tool, especially when it breaks and we need to mend it to better suit the job at hand. We love a good drink with your team at the end of the day. We strive to make working with us easy, fun, enjoyable, profitable and educational.

Its not all just talk

I’m proud to say that some recent work we delivered with a group of marketers earned our first pure 100% NPS score. Not one passive or detractor among them. That’s always the goal, of course. But if I am honest our NPS averages around 80%. Those of you who work with NPS will know how rare the perfect score is. You can bet I had a glass of wine (or two, thanks Virgin Australia) to celebrate on the plane home that night.


THE MAGIC POINT OF DIFFERENCE: What makes us a unique marketing consultancy? 


All of the hygiene stuff just says you should consider us as one of your options. Brand Traction are genuine experts, with real proprietary expertise, who leave a lasting impact and make the experience a good one. So far so good, but not so remarkable. The question was why pick this consultant?

There’s a lot of talk in marketing about differentiation right now. Most of it about how it’s a myth and an unattainable dream. Certainly in our work with brands we usually aim for truly distinctive, not truly different. When you’re selling paint, drinks, search, glue, snack bars et al its hard to say your truly one of a kind. So I’ll leave you to determine whether Brand Traction are truly different or not. But we do have a unique point of view and it’s this.

Our unique perspective

In everything we say and do, in every piece of work, we strive to leave a legacy of better marketers, better skilled to do their job. You may be paying us to grow your brands and business, but we make a point of growing your people too. And it’s the emphasis on people that’s our point of distinction.

business brands and peopleRecent work by the WFA shows that 71% of leading global companies state that marketing capability is crucial to their business success. BUT only 56% say they have the capabilities they need to succeed. McKinsey have shown that more capable marketing organisations grow 30% faster than the competition. But 70% of all capability change efforts are unsuccessful. That’s a depressing set of stats.

Made worse, because I know here in Australia that report card would be even less glowing. If 56% of Australian marketers think they have the capabilities they need to succeed, I haven’t yet met them. Everyone I meet seems to be struggling.


We are a marketing capability consultancy – thats what makes us different.


That’s why Brand Traction has a whole line of business dedicated to building training for marketers. If your business doesn’t have a clear path to building a more capable team of marketers, give us a call. We can build end to end approaches to truly making your marketers stand out from the crowd. And do better work. That actually works.

But as well as marketing training, in every project Brand Traction do, in every business plan, category strategy, portfolio strategy, brand strategy and brand plan, we focus not just on helping solve your problem, but also on making you more capable of doing it for yourself next time.

It’s a ridiculous business idea. It has a clearly defined outcome of making our marketing consultancy redundant. Surely that at least qualifies it as truly different.


So call us…..


If you want to grow your business, brands and people in a rich, enjoyable and immersive way, then give us a call or drop us an email. I’d love to hear from you. I’d love to talk to you about making your marketing more excellent. I’d even love to just talk to you about marketing, because I am somewhat sad that way.

Do drop by this blog from time to time. Next time I’ll write something witty about something other than my marketing consultancy. OK, witty may be beyond me, but the rest I can deliver.

Thanks for reading.


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